Use via Shortcode

You can list your posts via shortcodes and include loop templates with shortcodes.

An easy shortcode would be

[tk_list_posts featured_id="unique-id" img_position="image-left-content-right"] this shortcode would display all posts with the image left, content right template.

There are a couple of parameters to finetune your query.

featured_id = "unique-id" a unique ID for the ID-tag of the loop

* 'img_position' => 'image-left-content-right' // the template slug . You can find the slug in your Loop Manager admin screen. * amount = '12' // how many post you want to include * category_name = "0" for all or comma separated * page_id = add page ids if you want to display pages. for this you need to set the post type to "page" * post_type => "post" // if you want to display posts from a custom post type * featured_posts_show_sticky' => 'off', // show only featured_posts * show_pagination' => 'show', show pagination, can be set to "pagenavi" if you have wp pagenavi installed.

Advanced parameters are used exact the same way like in the wp query

* orderby * order

See here for more information:

have fun using shortcodes ;)

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