Hook Reference

The Loop

before the loop


after the loop


The Entry

before every entry:

  • do_action('tk_loop_designer_before_loop_item');

before every inner entry:

  • do_action('tk_loop_designer_before_entry_inner');

before the title:

  • do_action('tk_loop_designer_before_loop_title');

after the title:

  • do_action('tk_loop_designer_after_loop_title');

after every inner entry:

  • do_action('tk_loop_designer_after_entry_inner');

after the entry:

  • do_action('tk_loop_designer_after_loop_item');

For Developers

The tk_loop_designer_init action fires on WP's init action and provides a way for the rest of Loop Designer, as well as other dependend plugins, to hook into the loading process in an orderly fashion.

  • do_action('tk_loop_designer_init');

This action tells the Loop Designer and other plugins that the main initialization process has finished.

  • do_action('tk_loop_designer_loaded');

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