Theme Sections

After Regina PRO theme is activated, 4 new Dashboard Sections will appear in the left menu. The Section menu will help you build your homepage, If you choose to import the demo content (which we highly recommend), the following sections will be created:

No matter if you add a new section or use the one from already imported by the demo, the following options are available for every section:

  • Section Name
  • Visual or Text editor
  • Section Settings
    • Background
      • color overlay
      • overlay opacity
      • custom picture
  • Section Title
  • Section Sub-title
  • Section spacing style ON/OFF
  • Full-width ON/OFF
  • Display section depending on the user login status ON/OFF

To get the most of your section and import the other Dashboard setup, you can use the built-in Macho Shortcode Manager:

Inside the MSM, you can find various pre-built elements:

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