Theme Customizer

To set up the Regina Lite template head over to  Dashboard > Appearances > Customize.

Inside the General Options you will find the following setup fields:

  • Logo - Choose a text logo or an image logo
  • Contact Details
    • Social media links
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Booking link
  • Footer Details - Copyright text, available only in the PRO version
  • Site identity - Sets up the website name and tagline as well as the custom website icon (favicon)
  • Static Front Page - The Reading settings of your website, where Regina Lite is designed to grab the latest posts to display the homepage listing.

The  Single Posts Options includes various options on what the post page displays and how it functions.

  • Global
    • Posted on - On/Off option to display the post date
    • Category of the post
    • Display the Tags of the post
    • Page breadcrumbs for easy navigation
    • Social sharing - enabled by default in the Lite version
    • Author info - On/Off option
    • Related Posts - On/Off
  • Breadcrumbs - Default style available in the Lite version
  • Social Sharing 
    • Before or after the content option
    • Custom text to promote the sharing of your posts
    • Various social services sharing, available only in the PRO version
  • Related Posts 
    • Show title - PRO feature 
    • Post date information - PRO feature 
    • Autoplay on/off - PRO feature
    • How many related posts to show on one line.
    • Pagination - PRO feature

Archive Blog Posts Settings - Provides specific post type options to disable the author, date and estimative time for each post. Available only in the PRO version

Advanced Options will provide on/off settings for the site preloader, the smooth scroll built-in plugin and the Lazy Load for images (loading images gradually as the users scroll down for better initial loading time). Available only in the PRO version

Features Panel 

  • Top box 
    • Display On/Off option
    • Header field
    • Description
    • Book Appointment URL

  • General 
    • Display section option
    • Title field
    • Description
  • Features - 4 features boxex - Icon picker available only in the PRO version
    • Title
    • Description
    • URL

Team members Panel includes a maximum of 4 team members with the following options

  • General
    • Display section On/Off
    • Section title
    • Section description
  • Team Member
    • Custom picture
    • Name
    • Position
    • Description
    • URL

Testimonials Panel includes a maximum of 5 testimonials with the following options:

  • General
    • Display section On/Off
    • 4 images for the right section
  • Testimonial
    • Description
    • Image
    • Name
    • Position

Preview of the testimonial panel:

The Speak Panel is an additional section on your homepage that can function as a Call-to-Action. It includes displaying option, section 

The Header image provides a media field selector to better represent your website

Menus - Duplicate section of Appearances > Menus that will set up the header and footer menu for the website. 

To place the menu inside either one, do not forget to set up the menu location as  header or footer.

The menu will provide options ranging from custom links, posts, pages, categories to tags and even shop related categories.

Widgets - As Regina Lite comes with 4 built-in widgets for the footer, you can add predefined widgets to your website from this section, or firstly create your own widget content inside the Dashboard > Appearances > Widgets 

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