Theme Customizer

For a functional Pixova Lite theme, please make sure that you have selected Latest Posts in Dashboard > Reading as the Front page displays.

Pixova Lite is made to be composed through  Dashboard > Appearances > Customize, where the following sections can be modified: 

Customize > Theme Options > General

Include various options to start setting up your website:

  • Company Name
  • Footer Copyright
  • Loading screen
  • Section display scrolling animation
  • Breadcrumbs for easy page navigation
  • Default image for blog posts
  • Header text fadeout on scroll

Customize > Theme Options > Contact Details

Adds contact and location details into the Contact section. Keep in mind to activate Contact Form 7 plugin to display the form.

Site Identity

Includes options for the website identity:

  • Site title - Set up your website name in the browser
  • Tagline - Includes a short description after the name of the website
  • Display header text
  • Site icon - small 32x32px image to be displayed as the small icon in the browser tabs.

Customize > Theme Options > Background Image

Includes options for the top background image ranging from picture repeat to position and attachment.

Customize > Theme Options > Breadcrumbs

Provides options for the easy navigation breadcrumbs, if activated in the General Settings

  • Default text before the link
  • Icon to define hierarchy
  • Enable/Disable Post Category

Customize > Section visibility

Enable/Disable the sections of your homepage

Customize > Section order - Available only in the PRO version of Pixova

Customize > CTA Section > Header image

Provide header image selection as well as the possibility to randomly display various pictures in the header zone

Customize > CTA Section > Header Video/Header Slider -  Available only in the PRO version of Pixova

Customize > CTA Section > CTA Text

Set up your Call-To-Action Text

Customize > CTA Section > Button

Customize > CTA Section > What we do

Customize > Pie Chart Section

  • Title for the section
  • Subtitle
  • Block of text
  • Quote field
  • 4 pie charts with different values and styling

Customize > Recent Works Section

Offers 4 project fields with different pictures, logo and project URL
Customize > Testimonial Sections

Customize > Contact Section - Requires Contact form 7 plugin activation.
Customize > Team Section

Customize > Google Maps -  Available only in the PRO version of Pixova

Customize > Pricing Tables -  Available only in the PRO version of Pixova

Customize > Menus - Overwrites the default header and footer menu

Customize > Widgets - Adds footer sidebars. To modify any of the widgets, refer to Dashboard > Appearances > Widgets

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