FAQ - Common issues

Q: I’ve bought your theme, now what?

A: Please make sure you’ve saved the generated license key after you’ve purchased the theme. This license enables you to receive theme updates and supports. Without a license, no support will be provided. Create a fresh install of WordPress and upload the theme files to wp-content/themes/ folder. Activate the theme and install all recommended plugins (of course, WooCommerce is optional). After you’re done installing plugins, we recommend entering the license key. After this step is done as well, please head on to “Install Demo” and proceed to install the demo content. By doing so, it’s going to be a whole lot easier for you to see how everything fits together. The demo importer shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds to complete (if it timeouts, please repeat the process – no data will be overwritten, existing data will be skipped). After it’s done, please head on to Theme Options and just click on the “Save options” button.

Because our theme framework uses a proprietary caching system that speeds up the back-end considerably, the cache has to be manually rebuilt the first time the theme is installed.

Now go ahead and build something amazing with Pixova.

A: Please go to Appearance > Menu and click on “Screen options” (top right of your screen). Locate the “CSS classes” checkbox and tick it. Proceed to add items to your menu normally; the links that you want to link to an external resource, you just have to add to their CSS class field “external”.

If you’ve imported our demo content, please have a look at the Blog or Shop links by expanding their properties. (notice attached screenshot)


Q: How do I select in which order the sections show up on the homepage?

A: If you go to Section -> Add new or edit and existing section, you’ll notice (on the right side of the edit section screen) a section called “Attributes”. Change the order number here depending on the position you want the sections to have on the homepage. 1 is first, 2 is second and so on. If you want to make this process easier, we recommend the following plugin that allows you to perform a drag&drop reordering of sections: Simple Custom Post Order


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