FAQ - Common Issues

Q: Why is my theme not working?

A: Before anything else, please make sure that you have selected previously created blank Home Page in Dashboard > Settings > Reading

NOTE:Additionally, as older versions were using the latest posts options, you could try to use that options if the latest theme version is not available for any reasons.

Q: Why I cannot access pages or posts?

A: It's common to need a link regeneration so Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks > Save changes could greatly help with this issue.

Q: Why is the content not displaying?

A: If you see the content inside the Appearances > Customize but not on the live preview, it means you need to go to the corresponding missing field and input new personal information before Save & Publish, as the default content is prevented to display by default and only function as guidline inside the Dashboard.

Q: How can I set-up the blog page?

A: Go to Pages, create a new page (name it Blog) and select (on the right side), the “Blog Template. Click on Publish & enjoy. Do not enter any content into this page.

Q: Setting up the menu?

A: If there is no menu set, there’s a fallback menu. The sections available for this version of the theme are: About, Works, Testimonials, Team, Contact. For each of these sections, you should create a menu entry with the following link structure:




Simply go to Appearance > Menus > Create a new menu. After you’ve created your new menu, locate, on the left side, the “custom link option”. Proceed to add the links to the menu with the above link structure(#about, #works, #testimonials, #team & #contact). The labels for these links are at your own choosing, only the link destination has to be as detailed above.

Q: Using WooCommerce in my theme?

A: Simply download the WooCommerce plugin from the repository and activate it. After that, go to Appearance -> Menus and add the following link:
www.yoursiteurl.com/shop/ – replace www.yoursiteurl.com with your actual website URL.
That’s it :) enjoy a nicely styled WooCommerce powered shop.

Q: Contact Form to look like in the demo?

A: After you’ve installed the plugin: Contact Form 7, Copy & Paste the code below in the Contact -> Contact Forms -> Your Contact form content area.
Save, go to Appearance > Customize > Contact > Contact Forms and select your newly created contact Form.
Click on the save button (upper right) and enjoy :)
[text* your-name placeholder "Your name"] [email* your-email placeholder "Your email"]
[text your-subject placeholder "Your subject"]
[textarea your-message placeholder "Your message"]
[submit class:btn class:btn-cta-light class:pull-right "Send"]

Q: Can I remove the copyright message in the footer?

A: Since this is a free theme, we only ask for a link in the footer of the site. IF that’s too much for you, you can simply remove it by editing the footer.php file.

Q: How can I configure the widgets as in the demo?

A: Go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets.
There are 4 available widget areas: Footer 1, 2, 3 & 4. All the widgets that were created for this theme have the [MT] prefix.
Locate these widgets and add them into their corresponding places.
Configure the widgets and enjoy :)

Q: How can I remove the pie charts from the homepage?

A: Go to Appearance > Customize > About > Section chart #1,2,3 or 4 and just delete the percentages. 
That’s it, save and enjoy :)

Q: How can I remove the blockquote from the homepage?

A: Go to Appearance > Customize > About > Section text > Blockquote field and simply delete it’s contents.

Q: Hot can I make the header menu always visible?

A: This CSS snippet set the menu to stay always visible:
		.main-navigation { 	opacity: 1;  visibility: visible; 	}

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