Theme Options - Homepage

The following elements and their styling can be found in the Homepage section of the Theme Options:

Logo - 

Company Text - If your business does not have a picture logo, no problem. Enter your company name in the text field and it will be displayed in the website header.

Background - Static image

To set up your website's parallax background image, choose Static Image in the background section of your Theme Options. By default, the static image has a background overlay that accepts values for the opacity in the base of 10 with 100 being the maximum. The second field refers to the background color overlay and the third is a selector from media of your background picture

Note: We recommend using pictures that are at least 1920px wide, safe for web size.

Note: Currently, the theme does not support 0 value for the opacity. A workaround to hide the background overlay is to paste this CSS code to the 2nd box in General Settings

     display: none !important;


Background - Slider

Similar to the static image, opacity value and color has to be completed:

The extra options available when the  Background Slider is selected refers to the slider functionalities: 

  • Auto-play - automatically switch to the next slide after a default value of 500ms
  • Show next / prev - buttons to navigate back and forth through the slides
  • Slider Pager - displays bullets on your slider indicating the current one selected and how many images your slider contains. 
  • Random Slide - brings a personality boost to your website as it provides different slides order on every refresh of the homepage. 
  • Transition speed - sets the time until the next slider takes over the one being displayed
  • Transition Type - modifies the slider animation to go on a horizontal or a vertical line or have a cool fade effect between slides. 

Note: For a perfect slider functionality, please select the same pixel size (width and height) for the pictures in use. If you want to disable background overlay, refer to the Static Background workaround.

Video Background - With video background support you can always be sure that your message will be delivered to your audience, just keep in mind that not everyone expects sounds when they access a website so you might want to tweak the settings to represent your website at its finest. 

The options include video background overlay, with values in the base of 10 representing the percentage of the opacity, as well as the color of the overlay. (check Static background on how to disable the overlay). The specific video settings include 

  1. Infinite Loop for your video.
  2. Sound ON/OFF by default. 
  3. Autoplay for your video background.

Call to Action - CTA

You can always opt for a clean background image, slider or video, but the chances are you might want to communicate with your audience from the very first moment they access your website. 

The CTA section of your homepage settings includes a title and a sub-title field that accepts HTML syntax to perfectly format the headline to your needs. You can choose a left, center or right alignment for your CTA section, disable the CTA button or customize it with specific text and target link to become the main attention grabber.

What We Do

Even before getting to your homepage sections, you can choose to display a preview of what your website is all about. When enabled, this section renders as a horizontal drag and drop carousel to beautifully present your information on the bottom of the header background. To complete your services Title and Description you'll be pleased to find 2 different sets of icons from Dashicons and Font Awesome and custom color options, as well.

Now that your website first look is A-grade, proceed with  Dashboard Sections to complete the one-page homepage.

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