Common issues for Regina PRO

Q: Why is my Google Map giving an error?

A: Long story short, please update the theme version as of version 1.4.0 this has been fixed. Here you can find more information about your google new API Key

Here are some more details about the issue in question

Q: How can I change the logo size in the header?

A: While we always keep an eye for improvements and new features to add, there are many different scenarios and custom CSS inside Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > Advanced Options > Custom CSS could be the easiest fix:

#header #logo a img { width: 200px;  }
Additionally code to ovewrite the logo opacity hover effect:
#header #logo a img:hover { opacity: 1;  }

Q: I've updated the theme version (1.4.0+) and my Customizer does not work anymore

A: Please install the dedicated plugin for the plugin, Kirki:

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